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Bigger isn’t always better

Unless you are a non-profit organization, your primary objective in business is to make money. The job shop business is extremely competitive and work will eventually find the shop who can produce the parts on time and at the lowest price.

Episode One - “Bigger Isn’t Better"

When it comes to machine tools, bigger doesn’t mean better. If it were better, why wouldn’t you run your shop exclusively on 50 taper machines? Too big, too slow, too expensive — right?

Brother SPEEDIO is a 30 taper machine that’s smaller, faster, and less expensive to buy than most 40 or 50 taper machines. It’s also less expensive to operate — taking up a fraction of the costly floorspace that those bulkier machines occupy. You get increased production in less space — that means more money where it belongs — in your wallet!

The future of efficient machine tools is available now! No shop is complete without a Brother SPEEDIO.

Brother SPEEDIO is the EVERY Shop Machine.
Click here to learn more!

R450x1 Large Noshadow Med 690x1024 1.jpg

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