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Epi. 6 The Pain Van

Unless you are a non-profit organization, your primary objective in business is to make money. The job shop business is extremely competitive and work will eventually find the shop who can produce the parts on time and at the lowest price.

Episode Six – “The Pain Van”

Being a shop owner, you know that downtime is a massive drain on the bottomline. You want CNC machines from a company that has a fleet of repair vans, filled with spare parts, right? If downtime is the goal, shouldn’t you just invest in the most reliable machine instead?

Brother SPEEDIO’s superior design eliminates unnecessary complexity; leaving minimal components, minimal failure points and maximum reliability. 

Why pay for a fleet of repair vans when you can simply invest in reliability. Brother SPEEDIO — unparalleled reliability. It’s your money!

The future of efficient machine tools is available now! No shop is complete without a Brother SPEEDIO.

Brother SPEEDIO is the EVERY Shop Machine.
Click here to learn more.  

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