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Epi. 8 The Black Box

Unless you are a non-profit organization, your primary objective in business is to make money. The job shop business is extremely competitive and work will eventually find the shop who can produce the parts on time and at the lowest price.

Episode Eight – “The Black Box”

This is a black box. Don’t worry what’s inside; what’s important is that it can transform a piece of raw stock into a perfectly machined part.

This black box is fast–blazing fast! It is also incredibly reliable and energy efficient. When you take away all the distractions of looking in the black box and focus on what it can do, investing in one makes a lot of sense.

What is this magical black box? Brother SPEEDIO. It may not look like your typical machining center and that’s because it’s anything but typical. It’s been designed, from the ground up, to maximize production output while minimizing operating costs.

Speed, reliability and efficiency all in one box. Brother SPEEDIO —  It’s your money!

The future of efficient machine tools is available now! No shop is complete without a Brother SPEEDIO.

Brother SPEEDIO is the EVERY Shop Machine.
Click here to learn more.  

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