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The Cost of FREE

Unless you are a non-profit organization, your primary objective in business is to make money. The job shop business is extremely competitive and work will eventually find the shop who can produce the parts on time and at the lowest price.

Episode Two – “The Cost of FREE”

You’ve had your machine tools for years—probably already paid for? The thought process becomes since they’re paid for, they’re less expensive to operate, right? Actually…no.

Older machines are less productive and usually require more maintenance and produce less parts per hour. This means your cost per part is high and eating into your profits, making your shop less competitive.

With Brother SPEEDIO, a 30 taper machine that’s smaller and faster, you can manufacture more parts in less time. And, when labor is your highest expense, increasing workforce productivity means more profit.

Don’t let a slow machine pace your most expensive resource! Try a Brother SPEEDIO and run the programs you’ll end up seeing the difference for yourself. It’s your money!

The future of efficient machine tools is available now! No shop is complete without a Brother SPEEDIO.

Brother SPEEDIO is the EVERY Shop Machine.
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